Almost Raw Chocolate Berry Cake

I made this cake for my best friend Nadine because it was her birthday wish. (She’s very into raw cheesecakes.) And because I love her so much, I did my best and tried to make the best raw cake I ever made…

So this one is for you Nadine! Happy Birthday to my partner in crime!




Ingredients Crust:

120g Dates

100g Soft dried figs

200g Almonds

1tsp Cocoa

Ingredients Cashew filling:

490g Cashews (soaked over night)

140g Cocoabutter (melted)

95g Agave syrup

280g Kokonut cream

1tsp Vanilla

130g Raspberries (not matter if frozen or not)

10g Cocoa

1tsp Lemon juice

Ingredients Frosting:

100g Nut nougat

100g vegan “Nutella” (or more Nut nougat)

30g Coconut cream



  1. Put all the ingredients of the crust into a food processor or high-speed blender and mix it until it sticks together. Press it into a cake tin and leave some of the mixture to make some balls for decoration.
  2. Mix all the Ingredients of the Cashew filling (besides the raspberries, lemon juice and cocoa) with a high-speed blender until smooth.
  3. Part the Cashew filling into 3 parts. Blend one part with the raspberries,  one with the cocoa and the third one with the lemon juice.
  4. Layer the cashew fillings in the cake tin.
  5. Freeze for about 3 hours.
  6. Mix all the ingredients for the frosting and beat it till it gets smooth and fluffy. Chill it for 30 min.
  7. Decorate the cake with some melted chocolate, berries and the frosting.

You can either enjoy the cake right away or you freeze it again.

Download or print recipe: Almost Raw Chocolate Berry Cake




Red Velvet Pancakes

Vibrant colored food seems to be a huge trend for some time. Red velvet cake is actually not that new but still fascinating. And the good thing about it is that you don´t even need any food coloring. Rootbeet is the secret ingredient to get the red color. And you don´t have to be afraid that it would taste like rootbeet because it doesn’t.

If you´re still skeptical just give it a try:



150g All purpose flour

25g Rootbeet powder

50g Sugar

50g Oil (I recommend coconut oil because of the taste.)

1 Ripe smashed banana

150ml Soymilk

1tsp Vanilla

1tsp Apple vinegar

2 tsp Baking soda

+Topping of your choice


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients.
  2. Add all the liquids and the smashed banana.
  3. Preheat a pan with on medium heat and grease it with some oil.
  4. Using 3 spoons each, cook the pancakes till bubbles appear on surface, turn and cook further until cooked through
  5. Topp them of with the topping of your choice ( I used soy yogurt, different kinds of fruit and some icing sugar.).

Download and print recipe: Red Velvet Pancakes

Almond Pancakes

Pancakes are kinda the most delicious way to start your day. And as if simple pancakes themselfs wouldn´t be perfect enough, I added ground almonds and combined them with soyjoghurt and two of my favourite fruits – Blueberries and Bananas.

So if you also want to enjoy these fluffy goods, here comes the recipe:







Maple syrup if needed

(Coconut) Oil for the pan


130g Flour

15g Starch

25g Sugar

2tsp Baking Soda

50g Melted coconut oil

140g Almond milk

1tsp Vanilla


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients for the pancakes.
  2. Add the almond milk, oil, vanilla and stir
  3. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle. Brown on both sides.
  4. Serve with soyjoghurt, blueberries, slices bananas, some extra almonds and maple syrup if needed.


Peanut butter​-Banana Nicecream

Ready for some healthy* vegan food porn nicecream? Well, then you should definitely try this out! You can enjoy this delicious nicecream at warm summer days and thanks to the spices and peanut butter it´s also great for cold winter days. So no matter which season it is, grab your ripe bananas and freeze them!

*healthy if you leave the peanut butter caramel and chocolate sauce haha.



760g Frozen bananas

180ml Cashewmilk (or any other plant based milk)

70g Peanut butter

1/2tsp Cinnamon

1tsp Vanilla

1tsp Cacoa

Peanut butter sauce:

200ml Water

100g Brown Sugar

70g Peanut butter

1tsp Vanilla

1/2tsp Cinnamon

Chocolate sauce:

150ml Plantbased milk

60g Chocolate

30ml Maple syrup


  1. Put all the ingredients from the peanut butter caramel sauce into a pod and bring it to a boil. Lower the heat and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. Fill it into a jar.
  2. Heat the plant based milk for the chocolate sauce and pour it over the chocolate. Let it set for 3 min before you add the maple syrup then stir it. Fill it into a jar.
  3. Put all the nicecream ingredients into a high speed blender and blend it till its smooth. Depending on how long the bananas have been frozen, you might need more or less plant milk. You can also freeze it if you want it to be less liquid.
  4. You can layer the nicecream with the sauces into a jar, or you simply pour the sauce over it.

Download and print recipe: Peanutbutter Banana Nicecream